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Friday, November 11, 2005


Saving the Best for Last...

Today is a very special day. It's my birthday. My Spiritual Birthday. I know a lot of you got saved when you were very young, and don't have your date, but I do. And it's November 11. 11/11/78. I distinctly remember driving in my car the day God (yes, God speaks to unsaved people or else NO one would ever get saved - see Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus in Acts) put a thought into my head, and I began pondering an event that had happened the week before in church.

I was on my way back to church one Sunday morning and my thoughts went back to the previous week's service, when the lady Pastor had caught Dave and I playing Connect the Dots during the sermon. I had looked up and she was staring at me with the saddest look on her face. We quickly put the pencils down and pretended to pay attention. It was hard though...after all it was like a 15 minute sermon! How were we expected to pay attention for that long, anyway? We were only 20!

So there I was in my car a week later, and her sad face comes back into my mind and I remember thinking I wonder why she looked so sad? I mean it's not like we were the only ones not paying attention. So I thought that through... Then I answered myself and determined that she must have been sad and disappointed because she believed what she was saying mattered - and we were acting like it didn't. Hmmmm.

I then actually thought to myself, she must believe the stuff she says is REAL. And suddenly a question formed in my mind, "Do you think it's real?" only it was more like, "Do you think I'm real?" It was then that I realized that I wasn't haven't a one-sided conversation. I KNEW the question was from God and He was asking me to answer it. When I did, I admitted "Yes". Then I felt like He said, "Then if you believe I am real will you choose me as your God?" I knew my answer to this second question was the key.

I did hesitate, because I knew it was so important, but I did say a few seconds later that I would choose Him as my Lord that day (inside my head still...). And the second I did, He saved me. Right there, in my car - all alone except for Me and Him. And suddenly I was filled with a joy you are all familiar with, I'm sure. The leaves were practically bursting off the trees, because my eyes were opened. It was like getting my first pairs of glasses all over again. He filled me up with His Love that day, and there was no denying His existance after that. We've had lots and lots of adventures since then, but none as important as that one. And that is why I love this Bebo song, because it reminds me of my salvation testimony! God and My's first date!

I love You, Lord!!! Happy Birthday to ME!

Love, MOM

Finding You
bebo norman

everything is alright, everything is so bright
and the sun is shining beautiful
everyone is singing, everyone is dreaming
and the world is so colorful
When You look back at me,
yeah You know it makes me sing

i'm finding You, in everything that shines
i'm finding You, in between the lines
i'm finding You, You open up my eyes, every time,
cause Your Love is so alive

Maybe You could stop time, hanging on to daylight
Doesn't ever have to go away.
I could sing a new song, maybe get the words wrong,
But You know just what I want to say
Cause when You look at me,
You know I still believe...

When broken things, are given wings
They fly away...You make me say


Yes Three!!! Maybe more...

On the home front, Tom is squelching a Rochester trip this weekend, and our NJ trip kind of died in committee (my fault), so we'll be looking for entertainment closer to home. Maybe apple picking? Possibly a hockey game?

John is away at a Potsdam (High School) Speech Tournament today and a Juniors Lock-In (he's helping out) tonight and tomorrow. He's a busy guy.

Sarah is planning on visiting Rose with Ashley this weekend to watch Potsdam scrimmage against SLU, and will attend church with Rose and my Sister's family on Sunday. Can't get enough of those, seriously - she can't.

Steve (oo-OO-oo) is headed for New England this weekend...can't wait to hear more about that trip. Dad offered to accompany him, and keep him (ac)company(ied) - but he's leaving the shotgun seat open I guess. Better luck next time. Say hi to Job for me and tell him I got him oatmeal creme pies, but they got left in Sophie! So sorry about his Grandma. :(

Well that brings us back to Do - Do - Do - Do. Dooter. Not too much noise out of him lately. I have heard from Karen that their pkg. had arrived Wednesday. Their's was the only one that arrived on time or early. Veteran's Day is wreaking havoc with the Priority Mail Schedule in Potsdam and Canton. Hopefully Saturday will bring glad tidings of comfort and joy. Different kind, of course - but still joy and comfort nonetheless. West Palm Beach is still on blackout, so I assume Tej is still patiently awaiting her biscotti. Tom's goes out tomorrow.

Our next road trip (Sophie and I) will be next Tuesday, the 15th. We have had to make eye appt.'s in Canton, so Rose could get contacts before basketball gets really going. So John and Sarah's exams were piggybacked. I shall then stick around to see a new gg episode with the usual gang and John, while Sarah cools her heels over at Aunt Sherry's.

Talk to you soon!!!

It's Me! - Mom!


Trying out some quick and to the point posts, campers.

I promised a checkbook update from our Albany trip (circa 10/31). Turns out the fireman guy (Joe M) actually did call back that day. He just talked to my brother-in-law and the message wasn't relayed in a timely fashion. Joe M. went to the station and talked with the manager - an unfriendly and suspiciously defensive middle aged woman - who refused to cooperate in any way with our Good Samaritan. So, my sister will probably never see her checkbook again. She has cancelled her checking account, opened a new one - is still waiting for new id's to arrive, and has had to reapply for all new check cashing cards and video cards and all that rot. What a hassle. And the service stunk!!!

I wish it had had a happier ending, but the fact is that it sort of did because Joe (our brother) is doing great, and as for the rest of it: Stuff Happens!

I shall keep you informed of changes to any above events eventual outcome...

Love, MOM


At last
I have

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Tribute to Sisters

Watch out! She's got a gun!

Cheetah Sisters

There's a time when we all choose
To either quit or follow through
To just loose faith or trust your heart
somehow lead you through the dark
we’re not the only one who’s dreamin'
who needs help to carry on
We might get lonely but were not alone

Cuz we are sisters we stand together
we make up one big family
though we don't look the same
our spots are different, different colors
we make stronger that aint ever gonna change

We're Cheetah girls Cheetah sisters
Gotta do what i gotta do
Got the brains got the power and we speak the truth
We're from everywhere all around the world
so you best respect the cheetah girls

Dancing singin from our birth
Working hard for what we deserve
Trying not to break the rules
Cause momma didn't raise no fool
It may seem where only dreamin'
And we need help to carry on
It's good to know we're not alone

Cuz we are sisters we stand together
We make up one big family
although we don't look the same
Our spots are different, different colors
We make make each other stronger
that ain't ever gonna change
We're cheetah girls cheetah sisters
Someone’s always there behind
To catch us if we fall
Cuz we are sisters we stand together
We make up one big family
although we don't look the same
Our spots are different, different colors
We make each other stronger
that ain’t ever gonna change
Or even mister
We're cheetah girls cheetah sisters

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday Already?

Good Evening Everyone:

It's been a busy couple of days around here. I haven't posted since the weekend, because I had a mission. Get a package out to Tejla before she came home from Florida and sat behind me in church again! So on Saturday I made a couple of batches of biscotti (with and without nuts - yes I remembered, Jere...) and yesterday I wrapped everything up and shipped it out. Mission accomplished.

It was also Karen's birthday on Tuesday (Happy Birthday, Karen!) so I had another reason to get stuff out. I didn't know her address so I sent it to Jere's. I think he sees her once in a while. A third motivator was a lot of my other regulars were getting bogged down with papers and projects coming due - poor Tom's facing finals because he has trimesters at RIT- so I had a lot of people on my heart. Steve taste-tested everything on Sunday, so unless the post office messed something up you all should ok with quality control.

Can't wait to hear about Karen's birthday...and whether all the packages arrive ok tomorrow. Right now, I have pumpkin pies and pumpkin biscotti going in the oven. Tom also requested orange, so I better get that going next.

Oh yeah...guess who has brand new Blizzaks? Sophie does! All four tires. So there's not much that can prevent our next trip up to Canton on Tuesday for the Eye Dr. exams for John, Sarah and Rose's contacts appt. (as the Lord wills). Thanks, Dave!

Love to all,


Quoting Deuteronomy to the Devil
Rich Mullins and Beaker

John the Baptizer By the Jordan brook
Up comes this brood of vipers Just to take a look
John says, "There's a comin' of glory There's a comin' of wrath,
Some mighty things are comin' Comin' to pass"

Peter was a-preachin' At the Pentecost
Says you must turn around And you must be washed
'Cause there's a comin of glory, There's a comin' of wrath,
There's some mighty things a-comin' to pass Comin' to pass

Lord God Almighty Came as a preacher man
Fastin' down in the wilderness
Quotin' Deuteronomy to the Devil
And then He set His face like a flint Toward Jerusalem

Well they tried to silence Stephen With the sticks and stones
But his voice is still ringin' You can hear it in a gospel song
Singin' there's a comin' of glory, And there's a comin' of wrath,
There's some mighty things comin' Lord they're comin' to pass

There's a comin of glory, There's a comin' of wrath,
There's some mighty things comin' Comin' to pass

Copyright 1995 - Edward Grant, Inc. and Kid Brothers of St. Frank Publishing