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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I promised contest results tonight, in the 9/27 Panda Buffet Match the Fortune Cookie to the Right Maxon Game.
...drum roll please....
Congratulations to Rose, who beat out three other contenders for the grand prize of a giant ("I don't know what kind I want yet...") Candy Bar. Second place goes to Uncle Piggy whose Snickers bar is being put into the mail tomorrow morning. Our third place finisher is Katherine Widrick, and although there was no official prize, she did did get monster cookies from me this week (thanks to my deliverers, Karen [and Jere?]). Stephen came in fourth and brought me flowers yesterday. In return I did most of his laundry and also awarded him monster cookies. But he would have gotten those things anyway. Thank you for the roses!

Tom didn't play and neither did Doot or Karen, but they all got cookies as well. Tom's are going out tomorrow...along with his spiffy new over 21 license and the rest of his mail. Actually Tom's birthday was the impetus behind all of the cookies to begin with. Grandma Maxon's cookies are still in the freezer, preserving their freshness. I'm sure she'd prefer them to be less fresh and in her freezer. I'll work on that.
Now here are the real answers:

1. A good memory is one trained to forget the trivial. - Sarah 2 Suits her.
2. Statistics are no substitute for judgment. - Sarah 1 Re: soccer?
3. Simplicity and clarity should be the theme in your dress. - Dad! Job interview tips?
4. Better ask twice than lose yourself once. - Grandma, she does gets fuzzy with directions
5. All the efforts you are making will ultimately pay off. -John - Bible Club?
6. Bide your time, for success is near. - Me! Yeah, right.

I posted the final scores a couple days ago as it turned out, because I had no more entries. However since then, Uncle Piggy was awarded another 1/2 point for being in first on the second day. I had to "go to the video tape" and verify entry times. Good help really is hard to find.

So the final standings were:

Rose 7 points
UP 6.5 points
Kate 4.5 points
Steve 3 points

Thanks for playing!

Love, Mom

Sonny Says: The best tip I have for you tonight is to eat up all of your dessert, because it's going to be a long three days.

Brand New Key
Melanie Safka

I rode my bicycle past your window last night
I roller skated to your door at daylight
It almost seems that you're avoiding me
I'm ok alone but you've got something I need
Well, I've gotta brand new pair of roller skates
You got a brand new key
I think that we should get together
And try them out ya see
I've been lookin' around a while You got somethin' for me
Oh, I gotta brand new pair of roller skates You got a brand new key

I ride my bike, I roller skate, don't drive no car
Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far
For somebody who don't drive I've been all around the world
Some people say I've done all right for a girl
Oh yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah-yeah

I asked your mother if you were at home
She said yes, but you weren't alone
Oh sometimes I think that your avoiding me
I'm ok alone but you got something I need well

That's for you Steve. They just don't write 'em like that anymore!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Everyone has to use that title at least once, eh?

Thanks to my one fan who has been after to me to keep my word to actually post like I said I would. I am now one full week late, but like fine cheese, I'm sure it will only improve the flavor. Or stink. Or hey, maybe both.

First the real news. In today's sports section, there was a cheesy write-up about the first place undefeated Copehagen Lady Knights Varsity Girls soccer team. We were treated to four panels of drivel about their unorthodox coach who found inspiring new ways to build team unity by way of the Beaver Camp trust falls, and how all of that has lead to their unprecedented victories - blah blah, blah. Well, ROPES COURSE THIS: Sackets Harbor treated them to a fine show this afternoon and came away with a 1-0 victory. YE---AH! Sarah got the shut out! Nice work ladies!

Ok, and then there was tonight's dinner. Another winner. It was a Mexican chicken dish, with a spicy cheese sauce over beans and rice. John loved it so much that when he went to the Urbanowitz's, he couldn't stop talking about it, so Mr. U. asked for the recipe. Dad responded by taking him over a small plate. Steve came 65 miles for a serving! Ok, so he was on worship and had a meeting, and also was out of clean pants, but the point is still valid.

Ok. On to the real business of tonight's post. Last Monday, I traveled up to Dannemora with my sister and Mom to see my brother Joe. It's a long journey, arduous at best, but not without reward. First of all there's the whole getting to see Mom and Sherry and spending an entire day with them, which usually involves shopping somewhere. On this day our best find was a stress ball that Mom got for Rose. It looked gross when squeezed and entertained Mike later to no end. Then before the visit, Mom always takes us to lunch at a diner across from the prison where portions are ridiculous. Sherry and I tried to share a salad and a sandwich and ended up taking most of the food home to her chickens. Chickens are cannibals, if you don't know. A sad lot, really. But they can really clear a table; no scrap is beneath them. No need for Glad Wrap - if you get my drift.

So then we waddled over to the Annex and checked in, and good news...we all got past the metal detector with only 2 passes each. Fillings were the culprits we suspect, since none of us have metal plates, and the machine showed the offense was in the head area. Darn those childhood sugar sandwiches. Mom actually passed through clean on her first try, and we tried not to hate her. But all in all, it definitely beat our first trip up there 18 months agao, which set some sort of record for passes thru that machine; culminating in each of the three of us having to remove certain offensive wardrobe pieces, that may or may not have been concealing weapons in the form of small metal hooks. We were all ushered into a small dingy room, one at a time, and handed small brown lunch bags in which to place the offending article, and then were passed thru again -and after not sounding the alarm- were allowed to rerobe (is that the opposite of disrobe?). How did we celebrate this special moment in our lives? We went out and bought matching sports foundations garments with no metal. Lesson learned. At least it made Christams shopping easier that year.

Ah...Good Times.

Yeah, so the visit was very good.. Joe is doing so well. He is well liked by his fellow inmates, and more importantly by his bosses and guards. Two of his bosses actually came into the visitation room on their way out, just to meet us because they like Joe so much. We only have a couple of hours by the time we finish the four hour drive, and it always goes by very quickly. We talked about the hurricanes and other current events. We discussed family stuff and drank lots of vending beverages and played with the caps. Mom has incredibly strong fingers and can tear a hole in center of the plastic liner of soda bottle caps and then somehow manage to transform it into a very thin but wide circle of plastic. What starts out as the circumference of a bottle cap ended up at four times that wide. Sherry and I tried to match her feat, with no success. We're not sure where this skill will come in handy for her, but we were duly impressed anyway. Moms Rule! Soon it was 3 PM and we had to say our goodbyes. We're shooting for one more trip if weather permits in October. We'll see.

Since we drive right through Potsdam, we planned on having dinner with Rosie on the way back. In anticipation of that, Aunt Sherry had left her car in Canton, so after dropping her off at her vehicle, Mom and I went over to SLU where Rose was, and picked up her and Mike for dinner. We traveled back to Potsdam and tried out their Ponderosa, where we had a great time passing away a bad rain storm. We even interacted with the couple across the aisle, and discussed current events - again mainly the hurricanes - until it was time to go. We showed Mom Rose's room back at Potsdam and then dropped Mike on our way back through Canton. We got home kind of late but had a lot of fun.

Then at the end of the week Rose came home for her first visit. It was nice to have her laugh back in the house. I've missed it. Jere and Karen surprised us on Sunday at the later service. We had a quick lunch at home with everyone before heading back to Potsdam with Sarah, Mike and Rose. We went by way of Mom's house because she had hosted a birthday party for Uncle Harley, Sunday. So we stopped for Spag and meatballs with sausage and a roasted turkey on the side. Yum. And carrot cake - ewww.

Sa and I even had a quick visit with Aunt Sherry and Co. on the way home from Potsdam. It's always a good visit when the chickens stay outside. Plus there was chocolate cake. YES! Another birthday! Happy Birthday to her friend Peggy, and many happy returns. Gotta go, campers.

Know you are loved,


Sonny Says: Sarah Rocks!

Home Run
by Geoff Moore

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Dan Brock Memorial Stadium
Are you ready for an afternoon of baseball?
I hope you are because it's Geoff Moore and The Distance,
Going up against the big guy,The Prince of Darkness (Darkness)
It's been quiet on evolution with Geoff Moore and The Distance
That's why it's brought them to the game today
So I want you to kick back and enjoy a funfilled afternoon of Baseball (Baseball)
The teams are assembled...Are you ready? PLAY BALL!!

The lights go on, another game day
I grabbed my bat, and headed for the plate
but the first pitch was a curve, and I was done!
(umpire) STRIKE ONE!
I stepped out of the box, looked the pitcher in the eye
you could read his lips, hey punk you're mine.
So I gave him a wink and said, "let's see what you can do"
(umpire) STRIKE TWO!

Gotta keep my eye on the ball, swing straight and true and follow through.
Don't be afraid, what-ever the call!
Because we're never alone, our coach is there to cheer us on.
well, it's the wind-up, here comes that ball,
You gotta pray and swing, watch it till, it's goin, goin, it's gone!
oh, ohho, ohh, oh, oh, ohho, ohh, oh,
oh, ohho, ohh, we need a home run
oh, ohho, ohh, oh, oh, ohho, ohh, oh,
oh, ohho, we need a home run!

You know life can be like a baseball game,
We're on the same team, but were not all the same.
That's why we've got to learn to play together.
I didn't join this team to sit on the bench,
I'm goin deep, swingin for the fence.
I got some friends on base, I gotta get home!

Gotta keep your eye on the ball
swing straight and true, and follow through.
Don't be afraid, what-ever the call.
Because we're never alone,
Our coach is there to cheer us on.
Well it's the wind-up, Here comes that ball,
You gotta pray and swing, Watch it till it's goin goin, it's gone!
oh, ohho, ohh, oh, oh, ohho, ohh, oh,
oh, ohho, ohh, home run!
i want a home run
ho, ohho, ohh, oh, ho, ohho, ohh, oh,
ho, ohho, i want a home run!

We are not the first to play this game,
or stand over this plate.
We are surrounded by the legacy.
I can see them in the stands,
I can see them wavin their hands.
sayin, "go, go all the way!"

(umpire) it's goin, it's going it's going,
Oh my! it's outta here!
that baby is gone (gone)

Come on now, oh, ohho, ohh, oh,
oh, ohho, ohh, oh, oh, ohho, ohh, home run
Hey it's gone,gone now oh, ohho, ohh, oh,
oh, ohho, ohh, oh, oh, ohho, ohh, home run
Hey it's a homerun oh, ohho, ohh, oh,
oh, ohho, ohh, oh, oh, ohho, ohh, home run