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Friday, January 05, 2007


Hello! I am enjoying a little downtime here in Dexter, and decided it was high time to update. First of all I have to mention the near 60 degree high we're experiencing today! YESSSS!!! Come on global warming! I mean no harm or disrespect to farmers (diminishing crops next summer???) or any fulltime island dwellers (rising waters????), or anyone else who may feel that doom is impending! I just mean...come on! Doesn't walking out of work at 3PM in January and feeling a balmy 57 degrees breeze run through your hair while you're holding onto your sweater, just make you smile? If not move north, cause the South's visiting here for a while!

We just wrapped up the holidays which for us included a family wedding. Congrat's to Philip and Katherine Sweet, who were joined into holy matrimony by my husband, Pastor Dave last Saturday night, Dec. 30th. I wish I had pictures but my husband is a photograper too, so naturally I have no shots to share. I did manage to manipulate many shots into being taken, so I am hoping that someone takes pity on me and sends me copies electronically (cough***Karen/Dave Sweet!!) to show you. Anyway we had a great time.

My next post will be on the challenge that is on the table for my daughter Sarah to visit the Golden Unicorn and try to beat the #4 special. It sounds benign enough, where for $5.50 you get two eggs, pancakes, toast and either sausage or bacon. If you finish the plate, unassisted of course, you win a teeshirt. The catch is that the pancakes are the size of my first car (a yellow Honda, btw). Steve has made a monetary wager that Sarah will fail in her attempt and has graciously allowed her two hours to complete the task. He alone, stands as the only Maxon family member to beat the challenge to date. Dave Sweet tried last week while he was here and made a valiant but unsuccessful run, especially since he couldn't use syrup due to dietary concerns. Jere and Tom have also failed in the quests, so stay tuned for Sarah's upcoming attempt. Gotta tell you, my money's on her!