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Friday, February 09, 2007


Big D and I stopped into our local diner this morning for the special and some real atmosphere. We sat there for about five minutes before I started thinking that this would make a real good post. Here are some actual comments I noted, while enjoying the #1.

"So I take the bobcat over and try to help her out and end up running over one of her steel driveway markers that she'd knocked over with her own plow. Went right through my tire. It's gonna cost me $500 to try to do someone a free favor. "

"Come sit next to me, I don't bite ...much (The irony here is that the octagenerian speaker had no teeth)."

"I can't wear them. They's too plump."

"I called up for a load of logs and he wanted $40 bucks a cord. That's what I'm paying for split and ready wood!" "Really, then you should tip that guy real good and then send him over to me..."

"I like your scarf, it matches your hat - oh it's brown and that's black? Well it still looks real nice."

"Not me..what's good is when it's on oatmeal - I like it like 'at."

Oh and my personal favorite: "Where's the global warming????"

Now..."How do you want your eggs?"

Stay warm...

PS: The whole bill was under $10. You've gotta love a small town, eh?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It's been a long weekend! We've had a wee bit of a storm this past few days. I have yet to snap a picture, but I plan to as soon as I leave here today. I'll post it tomorrow. Friday night was about 6 inches of snow. Saturday and Sunday were about 12 inches each, and Monday it just blew around a lot. Of course it did that all weekend too. Newzjunky had some great shots...

Thursday I drove up to Potsdam to pick up Rose for her latest DR appt. If you check
her blog, you'll see a quick update about that. Saturday we braved the storm to head up to Clayton, NY to hear Steve and Jere and Tom play a coffee house. I'll tell you something. You may think you have lived and accomplished a few things. But you haven't REALLY lived until you've heard Tom, Jere and Steve sing "I Will Survive", and then prove it by driving home in a genuine blizzard.

Sunday we stuck close to home due to the TRAVEL BAN in our county. Fortunately I had 16 pounds of chicken wings socked away for the Super Bowl, so we had a decent time. Most of us were rooting for the Colts, so that first punt return/touchdown for Chicago kept things lively. We enjoyed the few good commercials, and pea soup. We were glad we had the stove going to keep the wind away.

Monday the schools were closed and so we stuck close to home again. Dave did have to drive Rose back to Potsdam for classes (except piano - she skipped that one), but Steve couldn't get south, so he took the day off. I'm sure he will
update shortly and fill in my gaps.

So that brings us to today. Tuesday the 6th. We will be seeing Steve off tonight or tomorrow if the weather cooperates. It's so much fun living up here. In closing, I just have to say - the global warming thing isn't really impacting my life that much at all.

Really. Not so much..

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