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Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have a treat for you.

Rookie cards on Steve, Jere and Tom,

complete with stats - in mint condition.

I'm entertaining offers...


Ok, so we have had a little fun. On Nov. 10, Steve took Chloe, Dave and me to see Bill Cosby at the Landmark Theater.He is one of my favorites! We started out at the Country Buffet where Jere and Karen joined us for dinner, and finished the evening at a downtown Syracuse Starbucks. That next week when Ed Bradley died, and the papers mentioned guests Mr. Cosby, I reacted like Will Ferrell in Elf! "Hey that's my friend Bill! I know him!"


No I'm not dead, just barreling through the
holiday season on fast forward.
Here's a shot of Dave and I at
Paulie and Amanda's wedding
in Rochester on 11/26.
It was very nice, food poisoning aside.