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Friday, January 13, 2006


Howdy friends and neighbors:

Today we find ourselves in balmy Opelika, AL. Steve and Rose had vacation time left and needed another driver, so on Sunday after church we pulled out of Watertown (temp. 30) and headed down south for a quick double brother tour of the southern regions. First stop Savannah Ga ( Dave's brother, John Maxon). Temperature 70 and sunny. Unseasonable for January 9th we were told, yet those temps held for our whole three day stay. The household went boating and hiking and sat outside daily at the alligator dock sunning ourselves. The weather threatens to change today, I understand to a more seasonal 40-45.

We arrived in AL (my brother Dave's!) last night and will be doing our part to bring spring early here as well. It isn't working yet, but we'll see. We leave after church on Sunday (his birthday) and travel up through Carrollton KY (Bonnie Jean's new old home)on our way to NY on Monday noon. Steve's schedule includes getting his class books Monday from 1-3PM, and attending the Syr/CT game on Monday Night. Also he has classes on Tues. - some with preassigned homework!

We are having a great time. Tonight we visit the famous CC's. It's an all you can eat Pasta/Pizza place for $3.99 a head, I hear. If they don't have your favorite pizza you can request it. Bacon Blue here I come.