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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Full Name: Rose Elizabeth Maxon ("Woman of Example and Light)

Nicknames: Rosie, Rosie-Posie, Rosalina, Lena, Lena Louise, Little One, Baby Girl.

Named after?: From a dream (God's input) also to honor Aunt Rosemay Shelhart, and Great Aunt Elizabeth Foote.

Age: 18 - born July 29, 1987 - Emergency C Section (due in September!).

(Age 3)

Occupation: Student, Freshman at SUNY Potsdam majoring in Secondary Education (Math); Referee; and previously was a Notetaker on campus.

Summer jobs: Hostess at the Nu Pier restaurant, Housekeeping Staff at the Ontario Place Hotel in Sackets Harbor.

Occupation that pays the bills: Right now, her Scholarships.

Married: No, but in a multi-year committed relationship.

Family: 5 siblings (she's #4, but acts like a firstborn).

Musical: She loves to sing. If music didn't exist, she might have singlehandedly invented it.

Favorite Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

Passions: God, Michael, Music, Sports, Life, Challenges, Gilmore Girls, Blue Pens, underdogs.

Non Passions: Bullies, Bad Drivers, Spelling, Black pens, Breakfast foods, getting up early.

Hobbies: Michael, Sports, Nikki, Hanging out with Alyssa, and coming home.

My favorite Rose personality trait: She doesn't let other people's opinions bother or affect her. Her sweetness and kindness and her love of babies.

My least favorite personality trait: I'm gonna have to go with her inablity to let go of a dollar and she's a little competitive.

She buys too many? Ha! See above comment! Nothing.

The one thing you might not know about her: Her laugh is infectious and unique. It was one of the things I missed the most about her when she left for college.

The one thing she wants to do that she hasn't done yet: Africa.

Sara Groves

I have a picture of Esther and David
She is a young bride and he is a soldier
They didn't know then that David was dying
They wouldn't have children
Alone with a life time, Africa called
She went for the first time, it grew in her heart
All of the children, all of those children

Now Esther has 2.4 million children
She writes us and asks us to pray for them all
She's compelled, she's compelled by what she's seen
And she tells us, she tells us do anything you can
To help, oh please help, there's so much to do
And I'm just Esther

She visits her homeland, she fights with her words
She comes to the courts of the kings of the earth
Who don't understand their inherited power
To answer her question

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I've missed my engagement ring for the last 18 months, but now it's repaired and back to stay! Just in time for Valentine's Day!