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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yes I'm a bit remiss in my blog posting, but last week's coveted Highest Forum Poster of the Week Trophy made it worth it. Here's the coveted Crystal Obelisk in all it's glory...inscribed of course.

I was trying to go for a two week sweep, but the impossiblity of that goal stares me down every time I log in over there. Although there was a three way tie (the first in Forum History!) at 45 on Monday, by night's end, I was down by 40. Today it stands at 120 and then some, no doubt.

If you're not familiar with Jere's Forums, I'll provide a link. I won't kid you, it's not for the faint of heart. Issues important to every aspect of our daily lives are thoroughly thrashed apart with gusto and mostly without remorse (although frequently asked for, it's relunctantly given). The Forums is a Think Tank like no other. We can move from discussing 15 pound Hamburger Quests to picking our favorite Muppet and/or Cartoon Theme Songs. We express what We Hate and what We Love (although the Hate thread seems to have everything else beat). Some threads allow for the necessary expression of our spiritual and artistic sides. From Favorite Scriptures to Haikus and Limericks; to Sestinas to the Ballad of Ol' Tom (he's missing, doncha know?...).

Yes, last week, I was the winner! This week a new honoree shall be crowned and that's ok, because I am tired and old. But not last week! Maybe because Steve was out of town and Michael was not on Spring Break (and they both threw me a bone...). But, so what! I will always have my Obleisk!