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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Why hello there. Well it's Tuesday, so it's snowing, and oh yeah, Dad hit another deer.

David E. Maxon was involved a one car/one deer accident on Monday evening around 6:45 PM. The accident occurred on Rt 12F about one mile east of the Watertown International Airport. Mr. Maxon a.k.a. "Dad", claimed no warning was forthcoming as the gigantic doe burst out of the brush from the opposite side of the road, leaving him no opportunity to use his defensive driving skills. Doe-y was hit by the right front end of a 95 Ford Escort belonging to a "Grandma Maxon" and created such a loud noise that the occupant of a home 1/4 mile away came out of his bathroom to investigate. AAA was called in to assist at the scene, and tow the undriveable car and its occupants home. Grandma was understandably concerned, but concernedly understanding. She has been seen online recently, car shopping.

The passenger side was occupied by one Sarah Margaret Grace Maxon, having just been released from basketball practice. Injuries were minimal, although Sarah's backpack (sitting on her lap) was literally torn apart by the airbag explosion (think about that, Britney!), and she herself suffered a slight injury commonly known as Airbag Nose. Dad had a slightly sore back. Doey was not as fortunate. Hounsfield DOT crews assisted by snowplow operators, immediately picked her up for processing. I can only assume they celebrated President's Day Night in style...with a venison flair.

For those keeping score this is the fourth accident involving the elusive Sarah MGM, who when asked for a comment, claimed "out of control" paparazzi may have been involved. You may remember S'rizzle was in a car driven by an Ashley Freeman, which was involved in an accident near Potsdam, NY, on a sunny Sunday morning last November 13, while on their way "to church". Other occupants of that car were Rose E. Maxon, who sustained a slight concussion, and a Michael Crankshaw-Bierce, also known as Lefty, who claimed no injuries.

Sarah was also in a car which left the road last Feb. 2005 on Maxon Road. This accident was not reported to many media outlets, save a local Texas paper. This reporter found the information on an obscure AAA blotter. The driver was listed as one, Rose E. Maxon. Cause of both of these accidents is listed as "driver error". The fourth accident involved another deer named Ray and a van named Mona. The sliding door was obliterated. In full disclosure, I must state that this reporter herself, was driving the van in question. (Additional information provided by A. Freeman/R. Maxon/S. Maxon)

(Sarah Margaret Grace Maxon)