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Monday, May 08, 2006


Faithful followers know I toured the South last January with my road crew MRS.Dawg, so this trip must take a here we go:

My niece, Goober's daughter Rachel, was married yesterday in a splendid ceremony in the quiet suburbs of Opelika (meaning Great Swamp, according to their PR brochure), Alabama. My Mom and I travelled down last Wednesday via NW airlines, and Payless Car Rentals, and plan to depart tomorrow for Atlanta for our return trip at 6 am on Tuesday. We have had a wonderful time, and hope that we can return again in the near future.

We had a great time in Atlanta when we flew down, even though our flight was delayed and we risked missing our connection. I sat in a middle row on that connection flight- which is the uncontested worst of all airline seats, right? But to my delight I sat next to a Preacher man named Michael Kelley, who was flying home after attending a family event in the Midwest. Mike explained that he was preaching that night in Columbus, Ga. and I told him I would pray for him. Mike also needs prayer for his wife (minor surgery - but no health insurance), and for a torn Achille's tendon on his right foot. He and I discussed God's amazing provision and the testimony Dave and I have about not having health insurance for 12 years, and having six kids, four of whom are in college now - or have just recently graduated. He was great to talk to, and he also gave me some local traffic advice which came in handy that night. He asked if he could use our conversation in his sermon that night, as an illustration of true faith. Wow! I was humbled, and blessed. I thought I would have a terrible ride down on a crowded hot flight, and it was actually quite wonderful.

Wednesday night we stayed in Atlanta at our outrageously discounted hotel room and avoided Mike Kelley's traffic - and then Thursday we did some sightseeing (why yes, it was at a Mall, why do you ask?). We headed over to Opelika that afternoon, which was a couple of hours away, and checked into the scummiest hotel I have ever stayed in. A full list of it's failings are on their way to their corporate HQ's. The next day we moved to the Opelika Ramada Limited where we enjoyed their jacuzzi and swimming pool for the remainder of our stay. That was Friday - the day of the rehearsal, and that night we enjoyed watching the run through before the Mexican Fare that was served at the rehearsal dinner. We also helped get some stuff for the wedding at WalMart earlier, then had lunch with everyone at the Golden Corral. And we also took a lot of pictures. Fun, fun.

Saturday was the wedding (at 1PM), so we spent that morning shopping - er sight seeing - at the West end of Opelika. The wedding and reception were great and later we joined Gladys, Kim and Pam at their hotel room for a Pizza/Swimming party until around 10 PM. We brought the 4 rolls of film we had developed so that everyone could enjoy the shots we had taken. We also were able to use some of those shots for gifts. I got to spend some time swimming and talking with Pam, whom I really enjoy. I also found out that my brother's sister-in-law Kim, is a NASCAR chick. Who Knew? Thirty years - you think you'd know a person.

So, we checked out this morning on our way to church and moved in at Goob's until we leave tomorrow. We had lunch at the Golden Corral (again!) with Phil & Kate to help Dave & Debbie celebrate their 24th anniversary. Dave's sermon was on James 1:12-17. His church is always a joy to attend, and they always make me feel like part of the family. I had three invitations to move down here.The sermon was excellent as usual, and Mom and I had a great time.

So there you go. You are updated on our trip. I have listed our next two days tentative plans on the forums this morning, under Signature Endings or something like that. IF you need more information (yeah, right), you can head over there next! Hey you should probably head over there anyway! Jere's link is on the right!

Blessings - I miss you all!

Love, MOM