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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well, it's Groundhog Day... again... rise and shine, campers! What about my Meeting Tom post? No, there wouldn't be time though, I promise. Today I'm thinking about my favorite Groundhog Day movie called interestingly enough: Groundhog Day. If you've never seen it, you're in luck as I thought I'd share a few of its lines with you. If you have seen it let's see how good you are at spotting the dialogue. Perhaps we'll have a contest. Let me know how many you find and I'll award a neat prize to the closest/quickest entry. Feed me back the lines, along with a total number of lines used as well. You'll have to look hard to spot some of them because I'm going to embed them into my monologue and see if you recognize them, since I have long ago adopted some of them into my everyday speech. Remember, you gotta want it.

So I hope you are having a wonderful Groundhog Day yourself. It was sunny here to begin with, but now is overcast and cloudy. When Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that winter is just another step in the cycle of life. I personally think that there is no way this winter is ever going to end as long as that groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. But, it was over 50 degrees when I came in today and it felt just like spring. It always makes me think of Rome the way the sun hits the buildings in the afternoon. So what do you think, do you think it's going to be an early spring? I'm predicting March 21st.

I have to go to town soon. Chance of departure today, one hundred percent. The traffic is probably going to be horrific. I'm alone at least, and never drive angry. Sometimes when I drive with Rose or Steve, they try to drive "through me". Both of them at one point have reached over to honk at someone "for me". How annoying! But I just say hey, no, no no no. Nobody honks this horn but me. Okay pal? Saying, Morons, your bus is leaving, is about as vindictive as I get. And only in my car, not out the window.

John's home sick today, so I'm headed off early. I tried to feed him before I left, but I guess it was too early for flapjacks? He didn't seem interested. He home catching up on LOST right now. I recommended mac and cheese for lunch but he might make something else. Well I better get moving. I would love to stay here and talk with you... but I'm not going to. I'll talk to you all tomorrow, unless there is no tomorrow. There wasn't one yesterday!

Love, Mom or as I say all the time...I told you, call me Bronco.

P.S. Okay, here's a free one that won't fit in anywhere: "Clean up your room!", "Stand up straight!", "Pick up your feet!", "Take it like a man!", "Be nice to your sister!", "Don't mix beer and wine, ever!". Oh yeah — "Don't drive on the railroad tracks!" Gus: Eh, Phil... That's one I happen to agree with.