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Friday, December 23, 2005


Full Name: Jeremiah John Maxon - Prophet.

Age: 22 (He was born the day before Mother's Day, so that was the first time he got me flowers).

Occupation: Graduating in May 06 degree in Political Science and Journalism, Lowes Associate, Front Desk Clerk at the Sackets Harbor Ontario Place Hotel.

Occupation that pays the bills: None. Jere has no money. Absolutely none. But not for long!

Married: Nope.

Family: Five Siblings - etc. (see Stephen's). Many many loyal friends made at JCC and Oswego SUNY.

Passions: Jesus, Karen, Family, Music & Songwriting, playing the bass and the piano, video games, sharing his opinion of the world with anyone who asks and some who don't.

My favorite Jere personality traits: His intelligence, his accents, his sense of humor, his accents, his intensity, his generosity and accents and kindness.

My least favorite personality trait: Yeah I'm gonna have to go with his occasional stubbornness.

The most surprisingly wonderful thing about Jere (to me): He looks just like my Dad who died when I was 16 (I mean just check out that hair!). And our wonderful talks. And his amazing heart.

The one thing you might not know about him: He bakes!

The one thing he wants to do he hasn't done yet: Two words: World Domination.


Jeremiah tell me about the fire
That burns up in your bones
I want to know, I want to know more now
The burning of ambition and desire
It never could come close
To that fire To that fire

I was looking to myself
And I forgot the power of God
I was standing with a sparkler in my hand
While I stood so proud and profound
You came and burned this whole place down
Now that's a fire

I was caught up in this vice And its power to entice
I was dwelling on my hopelessness and doubt
With the slightest invitation
You came with total detonation
Now that's a fire

I was warming my hands
by this little light of mine
But now I know it's time
To come in from the cold

Fight fire with fire, fan the flame
Come stir up these coals in my soul, in my soul
Till it burns out of control