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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Just thought you'd like to meet the dog behind the man...

Our Black Lab/Huskie mix was named Liberty because she came from Liberty St. in Adams (NY), and she has a (humble) upside-down cross on her chest. All of her other names came from Stephen (is that right Jere and Tom?).

Her most significant accomplishment in her 11 years? Giving birth to 12 half Dalmation puppies when she was 9 months old.

Oh, and she does tricks! (See the comments for a list)

This one we like to call "Sit!".

John's Partner in crime:
Liberty Diefenbaker Proton Fay (Wray) (Maxon)


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Here's the final in my kids series. Unless I break down and do Libby and Smudge or start including friends of the blog here. So herrrrrrre's Johnny:
Full Name: John David Carlton Maxon ("Pastor, Preacher")

Nicknames: John-NEEE, JD, JDCM, Puddleduck, Nina, Lois, Six.

Named after?: God to me in prayer: "I have a John for you". Also to honor Uncle Carlton Watson (like a Dad to me) and his father!

Age: 14 - this month on April 28.

Occupation: Student, 8th grade at Sackets Harbor Central School.

Summer jobs: None. but he works semi-regularly for the Quencers at their horse farm.

Family: 5 siblings (he's #6).

Musical: He's an amazing singer. I'm sure you'll hear more from him in the future.

Passions: God, Bible Club, Band, Video Games, Sports, Being Outdoors with Libby and Smudge.

Non Passions: Homework, or anything to do with spelling.

My favorite John personality trait: His sense of humor, he can do dead-on accents - it really takes me to the prom, so to speak..

My least favorite personality trait: Video Game At-ti-tude.

The one thing you might not know about him: His formation of the first Bible Club at Sackets (I've ever heard about).
Favorite Scripture: The Lord's Prayer.
Favorite Song: Coming up...


It has been brought to my attention, that I have been slacking off lately on my JOB. Not my real JOB, but my blogging JOB. Actually quite a few people have pointed out the lack of real sustenance here of late, but I won't mention them by name. Because all things being equal, a reminder is a reminder. Why would one name mean more than another? (HA! Job was here!!!) So here's a thank you to those who take the time to crack the whip. I'll try to do better. Hey, thanks for reading, it really takes me to the prom!

I have three different posts ready for publication. First the Have You Met Series is wrapping up with John soon. And I took a walk down memory lane last week, and although it was under construction, I have some stuff to share from that. And the wedding of course. The wedding will be first. Here are a couple of shots of Jessica Gmitter's wedding last Saturday to Jeff Domansky. Steve (and Jere and others) handled the music portion of the event, and what a fine job he did (with much help). Here are some shots....

Steve, sans his hat

Funky Jere and his traveling hat,

Dave Southcott

and Jessica Brown.

Nicole Bartholomew
on the drums

and Timmy
"Have you Seen My Guitar?"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. and Mrs.
Jeffrey Domansky