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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday came, and Wednesday went

Busy day.

Awoke to a Libby mess in the kitchen, today. She got into the garbage. I knew something was up when she wouldn't let me pass by the front door, insisting that I let her out immediately. "Whine, whine, oooh I gotta go outside RIGHT now..." She says Smudge did it, but I'm not buying it. See you try to domesticate these creatures, but when it comes right down to it - they're really just animals.

The office was the usual collection of surprises. I cut my thumb late this afternoon on the way out to make the DFF bank deposits, and needed a couple of bandaids to stop the bleeding. No biggie, but I left all the stuff out, b/c I was running about an hour late due to an unexpected ministry visit that preceded the incident. Fast forward to the bank line where my boss calls, worried about finding the office shut down, the first aid kit out, and no note. Ha! He sounded genuinely concerned! I wonder if I'm accident prone. Or perceived by others to be, at least.

So the hour lost ended being robbed from today's VG soccer game. I arrived around five to find it had started half an hour early (at 4), and that game was nearly over. Score: 3-1 Copenhagen. Sackets managed a late second half comeback and scored again despite every call going against them. Then they just missed the tying goal two minutes before the final buzzer. Valiant effort girls. No shutout for the Golden Knights. They start sectionals next Tuesday or Wednesday. We'll get back to you on that.

Kids are off at Depauville's Youth Group tonight. Rose is tied up with a paper, but she's been largely unavailable anyway. Basketball season. It's like a whole new world. It's exciting, but I don't have to like living there.

Talked to Tom again today. He has officially banned me from answering the phone at church with a Good morning/afternoon designation. Claims it's too divisive. He suggested the simple phrase "Good Day". I had to promise him I'd try it out on the next call, to get off the phone. Then he claimed he had to go. Nothing unusual there, he calls on a whim and disconnects quickly. Our calls are short and sweet, but I like 'em. Sure enough the phone rings again in less than a minute. I picked it up and promptly and professionally responded "Good Day!", and totally confused Dave calling from the new church. I laughed and explained the situation, so he had to call up Tom and let him have it. If you have his number, why not call him up and let him have a "Good Day!" as well.

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's guest quote. I'll keep exploring the world for you and let you know what I find. Today's quote is from my friend Katherine. It's not funny, sorry. Sometimes life isn't. But I hope it makes you think. My emphasis is added to the parts that spoke to me in my situations this week.

"Some people think that they are not responsible when they offend other people. The other person is, because they have received the offense. I think what someone says to you is powerful. You can choose to not be offended but the person is still responsible for their words...We need to know each other and be gracious with one another. If we think that our words don't matter because the other person always has the choice to be offended or not, we are deceived. God wants us to edify one another..."

Thanks Kate, I needed it. Katherine's whole post is at her blog. Her link is on the right...

Know you are loved,


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


What an odd little day I have going here. I started it at 6:00 am getting up and making oatmeal for the Munchkins, and will end it a couple of hours after I get home from the Music meeting tonight. I found out today that I'm leading the set on Nov 21, so I guess I'd better get cracking. Forewarned is forearmed. That doesn't mean I'm growing an extra set of appendages, it's just a little self-depreciating worship-leader humor.

Spent a little bit of time online today checking out the posts. Steve's got some pretty interesting stuff going on over there, it's worth a gander or two. Links are on the right, campers. Congrat's Stephen! We are very proud of you. Go DA Team Watertown!

Tom called and checked in for a minute today. It's always nice to catch up with Old Tom. He wasn't driving when we were talking - he was parking! We still owe Tom a visit for his birthday dinner. We're trying....Can't wait!

Jere we see this weekend at the Oswego Family Day. Ye -ah. Can't wait for that either. Can't forget to bring the bracelets! Hi Karen!

Rose started basketball practices, Sunday. She is tired and sore, and soon to be in possession of her pants, gloves, hat, and vitamins to ward off the flu/cold viruses etc. And maybe something else I can't remember now. This morning was such a long time ago. Sent a little something to Mike as well. Everyone likes mail, eh? We'll see, I guess.

Sarah's first VG Soccer playoff game is tomorrow at 4:30 in Copenhagen. This is the number one team - undefeated, until SH beat them last time. Sackets made the Sectionals already, also.

John's had a rough day. Pray for him.

No song or Sonny today, but here's something I picked up while visiting Job Tate's musings via Steve's Journal, today. Job went to college at Houghton with Steve. Funny Guy...

"Thanks Earth! By the way, I thought our last rotation around the sun was one of our best. The way we just nailed the elliptical orbitial bend out there around alpha centauri...well dang. No planet does it better, guys."

What a great phrase turner, eh? Take a visit over and enjoy one on me today. I'm sure we'll all be quoting him soon.

Loved...No? You Are!


Sunday, October 16, 2005


Good Afternoon Campers:

Ok, ok, who stole the sun? I believe Underdog needs to be called, or perhaps that crack squad of superheros from Whose Line, because someone has stolen our sunshine and replaced it with endless clouds and drizzle. I can't live like this! Yesterday I stepped into a huge puddle and heard myself say, "Watch that first step, it's a doooozzie." from Groundhog Day. And our puddles have currents and riptides! What's with that?

Much has happened since the last posting. Rose got her Basketball schedule Thursday, and will be playing her first scrimmage on 10/27 against JCC in someplace called Watertown. Yeah! If you can make it, you will probably have a good time. I'll find the starting time and get it on a link for anyone who's interested. I think it's at 6PM.

Then I drove up to pick her up Friday for the weekend, because now that BB has started (as of today) she'll be unavailable for us little people. No more lazy nights watching movies with decaf mocha lattes, cuddling on the couch. Well not for a while anyway. Maybe Dave'll take up drinking coffee with me...after 26 years... Hmmm, nah! But, hey she wasn't cuddling with me anyway.

On the serious side, I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my sister-in-law Debbie. She was in a car accident we found out late Friday night, and suffered a fractured neck. It will be a long recovery period with ten weeks in a neckbrace, but she is going to be ok. They need prayer still though, so lift them up for healing, peace and financial concerns because she hadn't worked long enough to get health insurance into place. Thanks so much!

Also on the serious side, Rose, Sarah and I went to the Memorial Service in Sackets yesterday morning (Saturday) for Lt. Col. James. It was a emotionally wrenching day, still feeling pretty much like a roller coaster. We were crying, then laughing, then crying again. We stayed for the luncheon afterwards and were so very glad that we went. Later on that evening Rose and I joined Mike and his Mom for dinner. We had a good time, and hope to do it again very soon.

Back at home again, now, after dropping Rose at Potsdam this am. Got home in time to visit with Steve for a bit before he left for more places far away! His odometer will be rolling past 210,000 when he pulls into Rochester tomorow to listen to a brief being argued on Tuesday. He actually wrote his brief this summer while volunteering at the DA's office. Dave & I wish we could be there to hear it too. But I have to work at school again tomorrow morning and Dave's on the desk at the hotel. Same for Tuesday except I'll be at DFF.

Well in this place, there's one bathroom and one computer, and always a line waiting for both, so I have to close now. Libby's in the bathroom having a bath now, and Sonny's in line. Sarah's in line for the computer, so I'm going!

Know you are loved,



Oh, Mr. Sun

Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me.
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,
Hiding behind a tree
These little children are asking you
To please come out so we can play with you.
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,
Please shine down on, please shine down on,
Please shine down on me.